At FTP, we are always coming up with new ways to push ourselves. Some of us even call us insane. But in any case, there’s always a good dosage of fun in what we do so we’re releasing the first of our many insane HIIT workouts right here! This first workout has been aptly called […]

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[FUEL] Eating an Ironman

Triathletes, especially those who take part in the long form versions have been known to be a little extreme when it comes to training as well as pushing their bodies to new limits all the time. Training however, is not enough when it comes to preparing for ultra-endurance races and a huge element that is […]

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[TRAIN] 35 minute pre-work workout

One of our favorite workouts belongs to the category of cycling where loads of calories get burnt, muscular development is optimal and is considered to be quite easy on the knees, especially good for those with less than ideal lower mid-joints. Here’s something we came up with for all of you who have access to […]

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[PERFORM] Losing and keeping it off

For many of us, maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle has always proven to be a challenge in the midst of our daily commitments to work, family, friends and other responsibilities. Our latest FTP Academy program focuses on how busy individuals can stay active, keep healthy, eat right (in moderation) with proven results. Over the […]

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[TRAIN] What is the process?

Competition is a rough place. In most sport, we are losing most of the time and this probably will never change. When we win, its part of the journey, a lifelong process of always getting better is in the works all the time. How then, do we keep an athlete motivated without him or her […]

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[TRAIN] It starts from within

We get a lot of inquiries about how an athlete becomes an athlete. How does one person find that much drive to keep going and going, to continuously strive for perfection even when fatigue levels are at an incredible level? Becoming an athlete comes from within. There is this fuel that is waiting to be […]

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[TRAIN] Mental Strength Part 2

In our previous article here, we spoke about controllable mental factors (CMF) and uncontrollable mental factors (CMF). In part 2, we will be exploring how to increase your CMF rating to its highest possible potential, after all, it is the only part of your mental fortitude that can be prepared. The key is to prepare […]

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