[ATHLETE] Singapore’s Rising Tennis Ambition

Over the past month in Singapore, we have seen 3 ITF Futures tournaments played in Singapore as a positive sign for the sport moving forward after what seemed to be a bit of a hiatus. This proved to be a master-stroke from all the parties involved as the tiny Republic was treated to some high quality tennis as players from all over the world travelled to participate in the 15,000 USD prize money event.

On the local front, we caught up with Shaheed Alam, who is also under the tutelage of FTP for his fitness and nutrition as he captured his first ever ATP point during the first week of the tournament.

FTP : When did you start playing tennis?
SA : I started playing at the age of 5.
FTP : How did you begin and what was your main influence?
SA : I was introduced by my dad because he used to play with his friends recreationally and I tried it and liked it immediately.
FTP : Who are your favorite male and female players?
SA : Roger Federer without a doubt. Don’t really have a favourite female player but I think Serena is dope.
FTP : Give us an idea of what your training regime is like on a daily basis
SA : I have morning training starting at 8 till 1030 and then I have some track work before heading to the gym. Then I have another tennis session at 3(match-play) to about 5
FTP : How has your nutrition changed since the FTP trainers started working with you?
SA : I have started to eat much more cleaner food. I have been alternating with steak, chicken breast and fish. I’ve also cut down on the refined carbs and substitute it with lots of veggies and sweet potatoes.
FTP : How different have you felt during your training and matches?
SA : I feel much lighter on the court and get less fatigue for a longer period of time. Which allows me to push more.
FTP : Tell us how your preparation for the SEA Games are coming along
SA : It’s going good. I’m training really hard for it! Support is good from the coaches, staffs and family of course!
FTP : You achieved your first ATP point at the Singapore ITF Futures, what does that mean to you and what do you intend to do from there?
SA : Well achieving the point is just the first step. The real grind starts now. Definitely planning to play more Futures and get my ranking up!
FTP : Where do you envision your tennis career in the next 3/5/10 years?
SA : I wanna turn professional in the future and play on the world tour. That’s the dream.
FTP : What would you say to all budding tennis juniors out there who follow you on social media or as a fan?
SA : Believe in yourself even when no one believes in you. Try to be different from others because everyone is always scared of something different.

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