[TRAIN] 35 minute pre-work workout

One of our favorite workouts belongs to the category of cycling where loads of calories get burnt, muscular development is optimal and is considered to be quite easy on the knees, especially good for those with less than ideal lower mid-joints. Here’s something we came up with for all of you who have access to a bike trainer or to a stationary gym bike. Just be sure that your bikes are fitted/adjusted properly and you’re good to go!

Due to the relatively short duration of this workout, its perfect for those who need to head to work or have limited time each day to exercise.

FTP Leg Smasher

Duration : 35-45 minutes

Warm-up : 

  1. 5 minutes (focus on easy gearing and high cadence 80-90 RPM)

3 continuous sets of :

  1. 5 minutes easy pace (if you’re not on the large front gear, switch now)
  2. 3 minutes race pace
  3. 1 minute all out-effort

Cool – down : 

  1. 3 – 5 minutes same as warm-up

That’s it and you’re done. Remember to stretch well and load up on your protein if you’re feeling sore. This never gets easier because as you get fitter, you’ll be pushing harder and harder.

Leave your comments below and tell us how you felt after the workout!

At FTP, we believe that results that are developed and cultivated with patience together with consistency leads to lasting results.

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