[FUEL] Eating an Ironman

Triathletes, especially those who take part in the long form versions have been known to be a little extreme when it comes to training as well as pushing their bodies to new limits all the time. Training however, is not enough when it comes to preparing for ultra-endurance races and a huge element that is often forgotten is the need to eat and to eat often.

In the land of 226, some of the best athletes out there will tell you that finishing a race is not enough nut having to finish it well enough to look forward to the next one is a sign of good race conditioning, preparation and strategy. For these ultra endurance races, in order to complete and then to proceed to race regularly requires a tremendous discipline when it comes to all elements. The most minute elements of training require the most meticulous of details and this includes planning the race (which we will talk about separately) and knowing how much to eat and keeping to that plan.

Just how much should we eat during a race? Well it depends on each individual as well as the rigors of practice. The guideline is 60-90 grams of carbohydrates per hour but in order to get this into your system, athletes usually need to practice with a variety of products to ensure they do not get any stomach upsets. So our advice is to practice often and with variety during training and early on during the season so that you know how to use this energy properly. While it should be intuitive that the energy is used readily, it truly takes practice.

For a more complete version of how to prepare properly for an Ironman, visit one of our favorite websites as stated below.

This story was contributed by ex Olympic cyclist, Ironman coach and multiple time Ironman finisher, Tatjana Ivanova on coachtatjana.com

At FTP, we believe that results that are developed and cultivated with patience together with consistency leads to lasting results.

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