About Us

Fuel. Train. Perform was designed and conceptualised by our lead trainer and founder, Darren Ho who carries with him a multitude of knowledge, not just in the fitness and nutrition aspect but also as an experienced entrepreneur, having started no less than 6 companies with successful buy-outs. Now training as a professional triathlete and tennis player, Darren possesses a wealth of knowledge to help athletes reach their full potential with his lessons carried over from his own inspiring weight loss story.

At FTP, we aim to develop athletes to a world class standard by using the concept of fueling properly, training effectively and performing optimally.

Read our articles on nutrition, training and performance tips and stay tuned to our challenges as well as online training system coming soon.

Fuel.Train.Peform is a website dedicated to providing elite level knowledge for athletes who wish to turn professional or are in the continuous pursuit of excellence.

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