[TRAIN] Primed to train

At FTP, we are big on how athletes develop themselves mentally to prepare for their challenging career. While many aspire to become bulletproof in the head, just like base fitness, it all begins with the small things and how an athlete can tune themselves for better performance. Before we begin, we recently published a post […]

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[FUEL] Is it really that hard?

We get clients and athletes who ask us this question a lot when it comes to food intake and nutrition. Before we begin, here’s a list of issues and problems faced : Unable to keep to a nutrition plan forever Impossible to keep track of calorie counting Feel bad “cheating” which leads to a stricter […]

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[TRAIN] Mental Strength Part 1

A lot of times when we observe athletes in action, they seem to fall short just at the important moments. After speaking to them, we summarised the answers into a few general ones : I’m not sure what happened…. my mind went blank and it was over before I knew it I had him (or […]

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[TRAIN] Quality vs Quantity

Many times, we go to online resources on how to improve performance and are immediately flooded with articles and images of elite level world class athletes’ training programs. Their rigorous 2 – 3 times a day training sessions as well as record beating times dominate our brain waves and we immediately think to emulate their […]

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[FUEL] Water it down

Common issue. Athlete looks tired and dreary halfway through their workout and complains of excessive hunger all the time. While this may be due to the fact that too much refined carbohydrate dominates the diet, it is also a sign that the athlete might not be hydrating properly. While we often speak about the importance […]

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[TRAIN] Plyometrically yours

For our athletes who are involved in sports that require explosive movements, one of our favorite repertoires would be getting them to do plyometric exercises. These drills are great and develop explosive power and strength, primarily in the legs and larger muscle groups while primarily using body weight. [STAY TUNED AS WE WILL BE RELEASING […]

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