The Story

Our founder, Darren Ho was an active tennis junior and played numerous regional tournaments during his teenage days. After spending almost 20 years in the sport however, he admitted that mentally it had taken such a toll on him that one day he decided to just quit.

I don’t think it was a sudden thing that just happened but was an accumulation of unchecked fatigue, untracked training and to be honest, just tiredness coming from having to stretch the body from bad nutrition over and over again.

After stopping the game at the age of 26, although he still played socially, his entire lifestyle had gone out of control and by the time he reached 30, was already clinically obese weighing in at 150kg.

Having seen his relative pass away from similar causes, he decided that enough was enough and sought to change his life for the better. His journey has been documented by numerous sources and in 2016, picked up his running shoes, bike and goggles on his path to training for his first ever Ironman. After just one year in the sport, he is now training full time as a triathlete and documents his training and life journey on Instagram, Facebook and as well as providing training insights to FTP especially with his own mistakes so that others do not need to make the same ones.

In his spare time, he is also an advocate for raising awareness for ADHD, Tourette’s and Autism, three conditions that he has been blessed and dealt with for life. He also lectures at universities and is a consultant to athletes and sporting associations for fitness and nutrition to develop their athletes into a world class standard.

Although I am far from being a world class athlete, my adoption of the same lifestyle that world class athletes live gives me an opportunity to share my knowledge with the younger ones. Being a professional athlete is not just about the results but about the change in lifestyle. Without these changes, results will never come and this is what FTP is all about. Too many athletes believe they can never be world class and its usually not just the training that is an issue but the entire lifestyle they choose to pursue. Live right, live professional and the rest will come if the correct quality of effort is exerted by the athlete.

Welcome to FTP.